Blood Testing for Athletes

Rini Chatterjee
September 28, 2022
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O P T I M I S E    Y O U R    P O T E N T I A L

The interpretation of blood chemistry for athletes requires an understanding of the physiological impact of elite sport and training, and the impact it has on blood work.

In this modern era where the majority of people are metabolically challenged, athletes and regular exercisers can be outliers.

Tests results may be interpreted as problematic when actually they are appropriate or optimal.

Results need to be interpreted with the demands of sport and training in mind.

The reference range for "normal" blood tests is based on a population average.

As such at Resilience Health we think that 'normal to optimal ' results may often lie in the tails of these ranges.

We can also use blood work to spot potential roadblocks


‍-Metabolic issues
-Nutritional requirements
-Hormonal concerns

(Relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S) is the result of insufficient caloric intake and/or excessive energy expenditure)

Those that exercise regularly have in mind some sort of goal, be it achieving greatness or impacting healthspan and longevity.

Blood testing can give us an idea if we are optimising for these goals, what we are missing- actionable data.

Armed with this data we can turn to experts in the coaching field to help you move forward in a targeted way .


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Rini Chatterjee
Founder, Resilience Health