Elevate at Resilience Health provides comprehensive, data driven health management to elevate the performance of highly effective individuals.

People at the top of their game - Leaders, Athletes, Creators, Change Makers.

Thriving communities are built on good health. Excellence is built on optimised health.

How we can help you

Doctor led - Dr Rini Chatterjee who has over 17 years experience as an expert generalist, passionately believes in the importance of personalised, proactive, integrative medicine and the power it has to impact longevity and healthspan but also to optimise performance

Radically responsible, self aware leadership motivates successful teams and changes corporations. This requires optimal health. For athletes we will work closely with you and your team to provide in depth analysis to your testing and specific approaches to elevate performance.

We work virtually and so can support you and your needs wherever you are in the UK.

Hormone Health
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Nutrition Support
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Stress and mood
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Gut health
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Sleep improvement
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We are affiliated with the highest order labs for our investigations
Investigations can include
Nutreval FMV
Metabolomics +
Dutch cycle mapping
Dutch complete
OMNOS gene testing
Organic acids testing

How it works


Utilising virtual consultations, we get to know you, what you do and what your needs are.


Science led, personalised testing if required.


The meshing of your needs, goals and test results

Roadmap and support

A tactical, highly executable plan tailored to your timeframes and capabilities.

Follow up

Email support and follow up consultations.

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Blue outline of a stethescope

Dr Rini Chatterjee

Dr Chatterjee has extensive experience in clinical medicine as an expert generalist, with a special interest in metabolic health. She qualified in 2000 from the University of Wales College of Medicine. She focuses on solving problems with a systems, root cause approach, and tackles issues with the foundations of health and longevity in mind - nutrition, movement, connection, sleep and mindset. She is an avid proponent of de-prescribing whenever possible, using medication's judiciously. Rini also has movement qualifications as a CrossFit(MD) Level 1 coach.

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